Summer Fun – A Season To Celebrate #Summer #Dogdaysofsummer #Sun #Friends

“Summer time and the living is easy…” true for the season of summer.  Summer is the time to walk slower, too hot for speed walking.  Summer is a time for BBQ’s with hot dogs and burgers, worry about those extra pounds in the chill of Fall.  Pools and beaches are a summer time treat.  

But the best part of the season of summer is having guests over, to relax outdoors because the season of summer brings a warmth and comfort feel to summer guests.

Of course, summer cannot be summer with out a bottle of champagne. Pop goes the cork and champagne gets poured.

Yes, summer time champagne is the perfect drink. It’s not just for NYE! A drink which tickles everyone’s fancy.

The sad news is summer is short on the northeast coast. As soon as it begins, it begins to end. 🙁 As the dog days of summer are here going to do my best to make these last days of summer count as it’s “Summer in the city back of my neck getting dirty and gritty…’

How to make summer time count – Ingredients: friends, food, drinks, mix all together with sun and fun. If you happen to have a backyard with a pool, well that makes for an added ingredient. No time for “The summer time blues…”