Cinderella: Anniversary Edition, Walt Disney Signature Collection, On Digital and Movies Anywhere and Blu-Ray

As summer comes to a sad close we can smile as we prepare for the fall, for fall brings family movie nights. What better time to sit down and watch the recently released Disney Anniversary Edition of Cinderella. This iconic enchanting and beloved fairy tale is a generational favorite. Cinderella, a rags to riches tale never disappoints…This Signature Collection is Digital Coded (included and you can watch anywhere), with Blu-Ray Bonus Extras.

Offers 2 ways to watch:

1. Original theatrical version

2. New: In Walt’s The Envisioning of Cinderella.

Disney Anniversary Edition of Cinderella a fall time movie treat! Fall in love with the magical story, enchanting characters and exquisite artistry
of “Cinderella,” complete with two all-new extras and classic bonus material