Making Strides Long Island Walk #BreastCancer #MakingStridesLongIsland #PhotoFriday

It has been two years since I walked in the Avon Making Strides Long Island Jones Beach Breast Cancer Walk. I was pleased that I was able to share this event with these fabulous ladies. Oh, yes, and one very important gentleman. As in the past walks, we would stop to take our group photo, upon reaching the end of the walk but not before the names of the person/persons we are walking for is placed on the fence behind us.

Need to give a shout out to GEICO!...their representative was taking photos of anyone who wanted a Geico framed #makingstrides photo. I love the Geico commercials (they never fail to make me laugh) and have Geico coverage, so it was a please to make one more stop on our walk back. I know the photo looks about the same but there is a change, we added one more male person to our group walk 🙂

I pray next year The Lord grants me the ability to do this walk with the same group of awesome people. There have been strides made in the battle of Breast Cancer! We will be walking for more!