Halloween 2019 #Angel #Evie #SoccerMonster

Halloween brings treats to our home. The kind of treats that only the above children can bring to our hearts. Sophie the angel, Christian the soccer monster and Emma Deluxe Descendants Evie.

And this Halloween, as an added treat, and certainly not a trick, we were blessed with Scarlet the unicorn. Certainly more adorable then any unicorn can be.

Now as the trick or treat day tick-tock-ed on – like 10 minutes into it – our trick or treat-ers began to quickly strip off some of their costumes.

We couldn’t believe it, all that time getting into the costumes and it quickly became apparent that the trick was on us.

But Halloween doesn’t die quickly in our family. It’s the adults who really know how to do Halloween frightly.

Even our little angel lost her wings and the devil didn’t make her do it.

Halloween is a spooky treat in our neighborhood. We hope that next year we don’t lose some of the older kids to the “I’m to big to dress up” statement. Well, if they are anything like us grown ups, they may start off with no costume, but they will slowly end up wearing one.