In Case You’re Curious

Unfortunately. society is chock full of confusing and misleading information about sex, making it more important than ever to make sure our kids are armed with the knowledge they need to navigate it. If we can’t fully trust the schools to do that, then the duty falls to the us, the parents. In Case You’re Curious is here to help, with facts not myths.

Remember walking out of class having even more questions than when you walked in? You may feel that way about History or Math, but what about your Sexual Health class (if you even had one)? If you’re anything like most of the youth in America today, your head is probably spinning with a swirling, high-speed hurricane of questions. It is totally normal to be curious and to have questions about relationships, bodies, consent . . . you name it!

Within these pages you will find non-judgmental (and fun!) answers meant to educate teens without the uncomfortable silence or weird eye contact often associated with “The Talk.” With questions like “Does masturbating give you a disease?” and “Is the pineapple thing true?” In Case You’re Curious isn’t afraid to tackle the nitty-gritty questions you may think twice about raising your hand to ask in your Sexual Health class or at home.

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