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You better watch out, SANTA FAKE is here…

SANTA FAKE a movie that is a throwback to a different movie era of sentimental romance and family friendly comedy. Santa Fake feature top notch musical numbers and brilliant performances by a delightful cast starring – Damian McGinty, as Pat Keely an undocumented Irish immigrant who made his way to NYC where he is taken in, unwittingly, by a crime boss (John Rhys-Davies). Asked to deliver two mysterious briefcases, naive Pat in a panic ends up in the wrong destination: Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe gives him a home and a job as the shopping mall Santa Clause, allowing him to hide in plain sight from both the authorities and the gangsters he is trying to evade. As Pat gets wrapped up deeper into the spirit of Christmas and his role as Santa Clause, he finds that the phony white beard and big red suit are more than just a handy disguise, he ends up finding his real destiny.

SANTA FAKE the Christmas movie for the whole family. SANTA FAKE will bring holiday cheer! Top-notch musical numbers and brilliant performance by a delightful cast.