Photo Friday – Season of Christmas #Christmas #Macy’s #SantaLand

Ho, Ho, Ho, it’s Macy’s Herald Square at 34th Street, where SantaLand, and Santa himself offers a Ho, Ho, Ho Christmas .

SantaLand adventure always begins with a sleigh (train) ride to the city. No snow to talk about but plenty of rain. The weather never stops us. On ward Dasher, Dancer, Prancer….or Mr. Conductor to SantaLand. Now, some things in SantaLand remain the same, and somethings are added. This year we added my two great nieces, to make our adventure more blessed with Christmas wishes.

What fun, we got to share this time together. Especially, with our little Miss Scarlett.

Alright, she has no idea what she is doing but her first Christmas will always be alive in her memories through these photos.

As for Christian and Emma, they have given us the best Christmas present. This Christmas they gave each other their hearts…no more fighting with each other.

It’s sad to see my grandchildren growing up and someday, maybe soon, Santa Land will be history.

However, glad we still have this blessed moment of time together. For it is children that bring the joy of the season. As it was on the first Christmas Day.


And it is the family that provides the glue, and the reason, to continue with all the, “All I want for Christmas” cheer

This may be the last year but I pray we make it to next year. I mean even when we are grown we can still Believe!

Believe that as we grow in number we grow in the faith and remember what Christmas truly means. No it’s not about Santa, Comet, or Vixen, or even little elves, it’s about a little baby who was born to give light and hope to our world.

Have a Merry, Blessed, Christmas! Let us give thanks for the little things we have. For it was a little thing (the baby) who began the season of CHRISTmas.