Life is a 4-Letter Word: Laughing and Learning Through 40 Life Lessons by Dr. David A. Levy

Life Is A 4-Letter Word: Laughing and Learning through 40 Life Lessons is a self help book that shares the authors stories. A book that offers life lessons without being preachy or teachy. The book shows how life can be tough and yet it is the tough times that end up teaching you the most.

Life Is A 4-Letter Word is full of “LIFE LESSONSDoing the Right Thing Can Be Painful – When You Don’t Know What To Do, Fake It Til You Make It – Insight Has Frustrating Limits – Every Decision Involves Trade-Offs… and my favorite, With Age, The Absence of Catastrophic News Is Great News.

The author’s life experiences tells a story that we can relate to and that a path to a well lived life is certainly not an easy path.

Life’s is a 4-Letter Word shows that challenges, in life, should be embraced, not erased. For it’s these challenges that help us move through life and get us through tough times, laughing and learning along the way.

Author: Dr. David A. Levy, renowned psychologist and professor at Pepperdine University, has worked as a media consultant and appeared on over seventy television and radio broadcasts, such as on CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS, and National Geographic, to provide psychological perspectives on current events.

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