The Ordinary Reindeer and Santa’s Gift by Fran Rathman #Bookworm

The Ordinary Reindeer and Santa’s Gift is the third book of the series. This book is the story about the Ordinary Reindeer’s past.

Born under a ledge, with no name but with a big dream to pull Santa’s sleigh.

On the day he waits for Santa, with his girlfriend, Tessie, to see who will Santa choose to lead his reindeer for Christmas, he receives a special Christmas gift from Santa.

This is a heart warming story about how one ordinary reindeer become extraordinary.

About Author: Fran Rathmann is a lifelong resident of San Antonio, Texas. She hold a bachelor of arts in English and master’s of science in sociology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Fran loves writing poetry and children’s books. The Ordinary Reindeer and Santa’s Gift is her seventh children’s book and she promises more to come.

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