Behaving Bravely:How To Mind Shift Lifes’ Challenges by Anita K with Michael Ashley

In this time of self-isolating and Covid 19, we are all stressed and worried. Will I have a job? Will I stay healthy? We are also feeling lonely and depressed.  Anita provides great ideas and strategies for dealing with the fear and anxiety most of us are feeling these in her new book, Behaving Bravely: How to Mindshift Life’s Challenges, strategies on managing life through mind shift perspectives. Her philosophy is that we can only achieve the things we believe we can. Her message is that it’s essential we approach any problem, situation, or challenge from the most positive angle and emphasize the need to go from mindbreak to mindshift…paradigm changing.  These two activities describe the incredible power of transforming yourself from the inside out to improve your world. Little by little, day by day.

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