These Are My Pants Sam’s Giving Adventure by Jane and Katelyn Plank

These Are My Pants: Sam’s Giving Adventure by Jane and Katelyn Plank a children’s book that will teach the joy of sharing while having fun.

Sam the squirrel lives in a tree with his parents and enjoys the same fun activities most squirrels enjoy. But something sets him apart? He likes to collect pants not acorns, as most squirrels do. Sam changes his pants as often as he finds a fun, new adventure! Then Sam jumps at the chance to help out a fellow squirrel in need. When Sam sees his friend feeling sad, he feels sad, too. He realizes that this squirrel doesn’t have enough of some things, and Sam has plenty. Then Sam has an idea! He could share! This single act of kindness and sharing leads to giving on a bigger scale.

These Are My Pants: Sam’s Giving Adventure…”perfect opportunity to share a lighthearted but important message about giving with all generations”

About the Authors: Jane and Katlelyn are the founders of Plank Books. They want children to learn the importance of sharing with those in need through the Giving Adventures of Sam the Squirrel and other animal friends to come. They are both originally from the midwest, now live in Arizona with their two rescue dogs Cody and Mavie.

The Adventures of Giving Series from Plank Books is dedicated to helping children understand the importence of giving back to those in need starting at a your age.

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