PRANK GIFT BOX – Wrap Your Gift In A Funny Box!

Know a rugged-type person that’s just waiting to be pranked? Cargo Socks has a little fun with the outdoor apparel industry. Just hide their real gift inside.

PRANK GIFT BOX by Prank-O are a fun way to wrap your gift. And this holiday season, PRANK GIFT BOX can bring a little holiday cheer. Prank Gift Boxes are screamingly funny, hilariously awful, but scarily plausible products that don’t really exist. The photography, typography and layout of these boxes are perfect, they look exactly like the cheesiest products you’d buy from a TV infomercials.
All you do is put people’s real presents inside the empty Prank Pack boxes and watch their faces as they struggle to be tactful. They’ll think you’ve just given them the all-time turkey of presents. 
Once they figure out that it’s just a satirical prank, there’s even more laughter — and then gratitude for the much more thoughtful present you’ve stashed inside.

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Wrap your gift in a funny box and try to keep a straight face while you make ’em think they’re getting the dumbest gift ever.