DADS FOR DAUGHTERS by Michelle Travis is a book on how fathers can give their daughters a better, fairer, future. In this book, dads of daughters will find a wide range of options for where to focus their energy—from mentoring women to equalizing pay, from sports fields to science labs, from building empathy to combating gender bias, from boardrooms to ballot boxes. Dads who are committed to seeing their daughters achieve their dreams have an opportunity to improve the world that their daughters will enter. With every small step, dads have the power to make incredible change and support the progress of girls and women in their families, workplaces, and communities.

Inside, you will find:

  • Concrete strategies for improving the world for girls and women
  • Inspiring stories from dads of daughters who are already having an impact.
  • Resources to become a stronger male ally in your workplace and community.
  • Advice for engagin other men in gender equality efforts.

This lovely book shows there are many ways for dads to become powerful allies to creating a better, safer, and more equal future. It also offers women a path for recruiting dedicated men into action. With every small step, we can give all of our daughters a happier, more successful future.

About Author: Michelle Travis is a law professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law. She is an expert on employment discrimination law and serves as the Co-Director of USF’s Labor and Employment Law Program. Her research focuses on sex discrimination, gender stereotypes, work/family conflict, and disability discrimination in the workplace. She teaches courses on employment law and civil litigation, and she has won multiple teaching awards. Michelle grew up in Colorado and now lives in the Bay Area with her husband, two daughters, and pet chinchilla. She is a former collegiate gymnast, a novice ballerina, and an avid non-fiction reader.

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