The Mask Diva – Mask Bling

The Mask Diva fun and fashionable coverings with METAPHYSICAL bling. Surrender to masks and then take it to another level! Make them fashionable! Make them sexy!  Offering masks for every occasion, formal options with jewelry including beads, broaches and DIY filters are available. The designs include the kind that sit away from your lips so as to not smear your lipstick, while also being able to speak clearly. It’s gone from ‘tongue in cheek’ to ‘tongue in fabric’ – The Mask Diva is fixing that! The company has also launched a ‘Be Unique Boutique’ where independent mask designers can submit their masks for sale on consignment.

Using organic products and authentic stones and crystals, energy properties of each stone and crystals are explained. Founder Gillian Harris, with a desire to accentuate the eyes like a burqa, she and her mom played with different patterns.

Glitter Sparkle Shine but most of all Be Kind

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