Happy Birthday 2020

There are two birthdays in the Spring and two birthdays in the Fall. The norm is we go out for each others’ birthday. 2020 has been anything but the norm. So before the year ends (which can’t come soon enough) we decided on lunch outdoors before the weather gets too bad. For us Italian food is always a good idea. So Palominos Bar & Restaurant was it!! Service and food and oh the martinis always on tune.

No appetizers this time, we had left our mom with Merci and Marlene parents at home, so we got to the meal. Salads, Pasta, Chicken Wings with Medium Sauce and of course Shrimp Parm for me. We were on the clock but we enjoyed every moment together. Thanking God that we are all well, our parents are well enough and our children and their families are good. For the record we did get kind of loud, laughing and singing and toasting the day.

Life is too short to be with people who don’t like to eat. I did learn a valuable lesson, I can only handle one martini. Monday was a stay in bed day, thank goodness it was a holiday and it was raining too. Thank You Lord. Stressed spelled backwards spells…..you guessed it Dessert!! Out came this beautiful dish of ice cream delight enough for all the birthdays!! Happy Birthday to us.

Don’t count the candles, please, just enjoy the glow. 2020 you were different , but we will keep shining. Happy Birthday 2020.

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