50 MAPS of The World by Ben Handicott, Kalya Ryan, Illustrated by Sol Linero

50 Maps of the World is an essential addition to the bookshelf of any young travel lover, map maestro, or geography genius. Spanning the world from Spain to Singapore, Colombia to Canada, Turkey to Tanzania, discover all you need to know about some of the most awesome places on Earth. Travel the world with 50 country maps that showcase the history, culture and personalities of placed as diverse as Brazil and The Netherlands.

Geography, history and culture spill from the pages in this luxuriously illustrated treasure-trove of travel knowledge. Meet our earliest ancestors in Ethiopia, marvel at Machu Picchu in Peru and visit the floating villages of Cambodia in this colorful guide to 50 fascinating countries.

Each two page spread is dedicated to a different country, providing both quick-fire facts and the chance to delve deeper into what makes every nation unique. Natural wonders, bustling metropolises, storied pasts and cultural icons are all presented in expert detail from experience explorers Ben Handicott and Kayla Ryan, alongside Sol Linero’s eye-popping artwork.

Contributor Bio: Ben Handicott studied linguistics and education before heading off to learn Vietnamese and Mandarin over a number of years living in Asia. On his return home he published travel books for Lonely Planet. His books with Wide-Eyed Editions include Hello Atlas and Atlas of Adventure: Wonders of the World.