United States History In Rhyme by Larry Markus – A Child’s First History Book: A Must Read for All Americans

UNITED STATES History In Rhyme – A Child’s First History Book by Larry Markus the book to help your children learn the history of The United States. This book covers events such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, The Boston Tea Party, Civil War, Woman’s Suffrage, the Great Depression and more, The impact of these historic events is made clear. Included within the book is a glossary of terms used with detailed definitions to deepen reader’s understanding of the moments they just read about. “United States History in Rhyme” recognizes the stories of our past with the use of powerful rhyme and classic illustrations that capture the heart of American history. While celebrating the milestones that defined this country, young readers, teachers, parents, and all will thoroughly enjoy this exciting and charming storybook.

At Fort McHenry
While the cannons did rattle
Francis Scott Key,
In a victorious manner,
Put pen to paper and wrote,
The 'Star Spangled Banner,"

Our Nation was wowed,
By the words he allowed.
Now everyone sings them,
As our National Anthem 

About the author: Larry Markus taught fifth and sixth grade for over forty years. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a BS in 1970 and later graduated from Cumberland University with a master’s in education. Now a published author, it’s his hope that this book inspires young readers to learn more about American history, a history we need to know more about. This book, which is mostly the narrative from his original musical, “U.S. History in Song and Rhyme,” that he wrote to entertain his students during the time of yearly achievement tests is the crowning accomplishment of his teaching career.