As The Crow Flies: The Redemption of an International Drug Smuggler by Ed Hudson

As The Crow Flies The Redemption of an International Drug Smuggler by Ed Hudson is a true story of an international drug smuggler who makes a life changing decision as he finds himself pursuing a different type of thrill all the way into eternity.

With a hunger for excitement, Freddie Crow becomes an international smuggler, piloting planeloads of marijuana from Belize, Central America, into various areas of North Florida. Because flying drugs into the United States requires avoiding radar detection and nerves of steel, Freddie eagerly embraces this thrill-seeking opportunity. Utilizing his unique expertise of navigating plane so low over the Gulf of Mexico’s white capped waves that salt collects on its windshield, he earns the reputation of being one of the very few who can actually fly under the radar.

While Freddie busies himself flying inroads of contraband for his organization, a team of determined law enforcement officers and a prosecutor diligently busy themselves to make a prosecutable case. Their perseverance pays off, and the walls come crashing in on Freddie. Facing Life sentence, he decides to cooperate and turn his life around. After serving a reduced sentence, he finds love and redemption just before his world turns upside down again. That’s when two people, once on opposing sides of the law, come together and become friends as if directed by God.

About the author: Ed Hudson spent 34 years in law enforcement, with the last 24 years focused on narcotics investigations, including international drug smuggling. In 2004, he was promoted to Special Agent Supervisor with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement where he received numerous awards from the DEA, U.S. Customs, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. Today, Ed continues to live in North Florida with his family where ehe engages in his favorite pastime – fishing.