Happy Easter Happy Spring 2021

The very first Easter taught us that life never ends and love never dies. Everyone missed my mom this Easter. She has been in rehab for many weeks now, learning to walk and healing her fractured arm from the fall she had in the house. Due to Covid she is allowed one visit a week, and I go every week with my sister. The visits are 30 minutes and no contact. If there is covid problem we get a window visit, talking by phone, we are happy just to see her and her see us there waving and throwing kisses. When there is no covid issue we get to visit inside around a table, again no contact, but we can talk easily without a phone. We are hoping that her arm heals soon so she can begin therapy to start using it and hold on to a walker.

My daughter decided instead of going to a restaurant we go to her home and we celebrate together. No catering, she and my son in law cooked the whole meal. It was delicious.

It was a beautiful day and we spent time inside and outside all day long. Life is in full bloom. Tucker Boy seemed to smile too.

This Easter was special, my daughter, granddaughter and niece made the Maltese Easter pastry treat The Figolla, from the recipe my cousin sent from Malta. First time and it was perfect. They made all shapes and sizes.

Spring is natures’ way of saying come one, lets party!! Finally after a long winter and staying away from each other, time to get together and start again.

As always there is a new game on the block. This year my granddaughter brought out Mind The Gap trivia board game. A wonderful generational game and we represented each generation!! 4 generations: Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, & Gen Z.  We split up into two teams. It was a close game, 2 to 1. Sorry to say my team did not win, but we had a fun fun time together and we got real loud.

Easter: No matter how long the winter, Spring is sure to follow and on Easter so does dessert. My granddaughter made a lemon meringue pie, she is quite the baker, love her so much.

It’s the sweet simple things we recall. Wishing you a Happy Easter and Happy Spring. Be Well. Stay Well.

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