AFORE CBD Effusive by Dr. Few

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Julius Few just introduced a groundbreaking CBD Mist, and it’s safe to say we’re obsessed. Not many products make it into the multiple-use-per-day rotation, but here we are spraying on Afore by Dr Few CBD Effusive after pretty much every single activity.

Wake, spray and go. Spritz this on skin right before your morning workout to wake up your skin (and yourself!). This lightweight face mist hydrates the skin, providing an instant youthful glow so you’re ready to take on the work day or your workout.

Bring on the endorphins. Went extra hard and now you’re skin’s flushed? No problem. Spray on the Effusive for an instant calming and redness reduction. CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties work in concert with green tea, vitamin C, and witch hazel to help even the most sensitive skin chill out.

Combat WFH exhaustion. We also love the Effusive for a pre-and post-ZOOM pick-me-up. If you and your skin are looking fatigued from video conferencing, keep this bad boy deskside to perk up you and your skin up in no time. 

Wherever, whenever. Whether you go au naturale or use the Effusive to set and refresh makeup, this product breathes new life into skin throughout the day – and it shows!

What makes it different: Formulated using 100 milligrams of CBD nano-emulsion, this is the first face mist to use water-soluble CBD synergistically with plant extracts and antioxidants.  Unlike other CBD skin care products that use CBD oils, CBD Effusive’s unique nano-emulsion makes for a more potent CBD formula, helping the product mist more easily and deliver its active ingredients to skin more effectively.   

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