Kabrita USA

KABRITA USA Goat Milk Formula & Foods for toddlers.

Kabrita USA, a women-led company that empowers parents to nourish their children with confidence through its line of gentle Goat Milk-based foods, is announcing a major nationwide giveaway of its Goat Milk Porridge.

Kabrita’s mission is to support all parents during  food introduction. Kabrita’s Organic Goat Milk Porridge was made with families in mindand especially for those with little ones with digestive issues and food sensitivities. Unlike cow milk, goat milk proteins are naturally easy to digest and gentle on tiny tummies.

Kabrita Organic Goat Milk Porridges are also a nutrient-dense first food for babies and toddlers and rich in naturally occuring vitamins and minerals. 

The porridge can be enjoyed by itself or incorporated into a variety of recipes that are delicious and nutritious (not only for kiddos, but adults too). A few family-favorite recipes featuring the porridge include Goat Cheese Cornbread, Cinnamon Muffins, Peach Cobbler, and Apple Crumble Cookies to name a few. 

“Introducing solid food is a fun and exciting time for families, but it may also come with questions and uncertainty. At Kabrita, we strive to add value to our community through our commitment to education, transparency, inclusivity, and supportive communication because we know it takes a village to raise strong, healthy children,” says Dr. Annie Salsberg, Kabrita’s Senior Director of Marketing.