A Brief History of UNDERPANTS by Christine Van Zandt

A Brief History of UNDERPANTS written by Christine Van Zandt explores the evolution of fashion’s most unmentionable garment. A Brief History of UNDERPANTS will let you interact with the reveal wheel on the cover to see underwear through the ages, then open the book to learn which ruler was buried with over 100 pairs of underwear. Ever wonder how people kept their underclothes from falling off before elastic was invented, and much, much more!

This book will help you discover the history of underwear with zany illustrations, and fun facts. Discover underwear through history by spinning the interactive real wheel on the cover and learn…What is it about underpants that cracks us up? How Long has underwear been under there? What’s behind today’s styles?

About author: Christine Van Zandt is an author, editor, and book reviewer who lives in California with her family.