Curiosity Killed The Cat! by Franz Schubert! (Little Stories of Great Composers)

Curiosity Killed The Cat by Franz Schubert is a story of Minim, a mouse ,who loves cheese and music, but couldn’t tell you which comes first. This story takes us back in time. The setting is a lively open air cafe on a beautiful spring day. after a long, hard winter. Amid people talking and laughing sits by himself an extraordinary fellow, book in hand, reading a poem about a trout swimming joyfully in a brook. The small rodent spots a scrumptious piece of gruyere on the floor next to the man’s table and is utterly oblivious to the fact that it’s being used as bait for a mouse trap. Fortunately , before he can sink his teeth into the cheese, he is quickly lifted off the floor by the odd looking daydreamer…who happens to be Franz Schubert! A brilliant composer who has no qualms about making time for the little thing in life. In addition to an illustrated story and introductory notes on the composer, Curiosity Killed The Cat is accompanied by a CD featuring recordings of the narrated story and the performance of the composition “Trout Quintet” (“Forellenquintett”) A unique code for the digital download of the recordings and a printable file of the illustrated story is also included.

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