Cue Cards for Men: A Man’s Guide to Love and Life by Christina Steinorth-Powell

Each day, there are fewer, and fewer places men can go to seek advice without being judged or demeaned.  Men are afraid to talk to women because they’re fearful their words may be held against them at some point, and at the same time, men are reluctant to talk to other men for fear of looking socially inept or in some manner less-than. So where is a guy supposed to turn to if he needs advice today? Through a series of  “Cue Cards” in the book, men can get practical, effective and confidential guidance and advice for all phases of their love relationships and their eventual relationships with their children. There’s even a chapter for divorce in case there’s a need to navigate this emotional roller coaster which includes tips to pick up the pieces after all is said and done. One of the most appealing aspects of Cue Cards for Men, is that it will teach men how to improve each love relationship in their lives with every day small interactions that do not overwhelm in size of scope. In short, change becomes easy and not overwhelming.

Every man who reads this book will benefit from it pure and simple. It is the perfect gift for young men who are in need of uncomplicated, non-judgmental and practical guide to improve their love relationships and their lives in general.

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