Johnny and Jazzbo – A True Story by Kathryn J. Hardy

In the newly released nonfiction book, “Johnny and Jazzbo,” author Kathryn J. Hardy tells the inspirational, true story of a young man, Johnny, determined to uncover the secret of success in the 1960s and 70s. Along the way, he crosses paths with a Black domestic worker named Otis. After returning, Johnny begins fighting for equal rights in Atlanta, Ga., with the help of his newfound sidekick, Otis.

The pair encounter injustices, sacrifices, unrest and near-death experiences. Through it all, the southern men rely on humor and courage to rise above troubling times in America and preach respect for people of all colors and from all walks of life. Through each other, they discovered who they were as individuals and as humans, rather than through the racial prejudices of the time. Beating all odds, they were unstoppable, living their lives rather than wishing for a different existence.

Hardy has gotten to know Johnny and Otis personally over the years. She has spent countless hours listening to their stories of adventure, success, love and even murder. Hardy shares the story of Johnny and Jazzbo with respect to all human beings. She emphasizes that the best way to learn life lessons is under unpredictable and less-than-perfect circumstances, and demonstrates how people survive racism through humanity, love and positive attitudes.

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