THE FAMILIA GRANDE: A Memoir by Camille Kouchner

In a memoir that sparked a national outcry of #MeTooInceste, a memoir that the New York Times called “breathtaking”, Camille Kouchner finds the courage to tell the profoundly impactful story of incest and abuse within her own family—a story that she buried within herself for over a decade. In THE FAMILIA GRANDE: A Memoir Kouchner challenges the guilt and trauma that she carried for years, as well as the wider societal forces which have allowed powerful men to escape the consequences of their sexual misconduct for generations.

About the Author: Camille Kouchner was born in 1975 in Paris. She is the daughter of the late French writer and political scientist Évelyne Pisier and Bernard Kouchner, a cofounder of Doctors Without Borders. She is a lawyer and senior lecturer at the University of Paris with a specialization in labor, contract, and health law. La Familia Grande is her English debut.

About the Translator: Adriana Hunter studied French and Drama at the University of London. She has translated more than ninety books, including Véronique Olmi’s Bakhita and Hervé Le Tellier’s Eléctrico W, winner of the French-American Foundation’s 2013 Translation Prize in Fiction. She lives in Kent, England.

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