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Fabulyss Boutique LLC was founded by, Alyssa Brianna, who was sexually harassed by a staff member on college campus. After reporting it to her college, she thought she would feel safe however, this was not the case. Not only did they give the staff member her name and informed him that she had reported him, the school still allowed him to work on campus. In that same week of of her report, her car was broken into and she was robbed. Didn’t take Alyssa long to realize that she needed some form of self defense. 

Alyssa did her search and was only able to find things like pepper spray or safety whistles to provide a form of self defense. Alyssa had the idea of a self defense keychain that would includes multiple self defense tools all on one keychain.

The goal of Fabulyss Boutique is to empower women through our self defense keychains.

Each self-defense keychain includes:

  • wristlet
  • chapstick holder
  • kubotan
  • safety alarm/ LED light
  • pom pom 
  • pepper spray (optional)

Fabulyss Boutique offers a variety of self defense tools

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