Hidden Abusers: Charmers And Con Artists by Sandra Scott

HIDDEN ABUSERS: CHARMERS AND CON ARTISTS by Sandra Scott – If you are bruised, bleeding or dead, it is obvious to anyone thats you are being, or have been, physically abused. But, what about the hidden abuses of emotional, psychological, verbal, financial, intimidation, bullying, manipulation, and stalking? How do you recognize and address those? How do you get others to see, understand and advocate for you? Licensed professional counselor and author Sandra Scott’s new book, Hidden Abusers:Charmers and Con Artists” educates readers on how to discern signs and threats of abuse within a relationship. Hidden Abusers shines a light on the issues of abuse, especially the hidden ones that are difficult to see.

HIDDEN ABUSERS focuses primarily on the Charmer. It provides various case studies of these dangerous abusers. From fiction characters, such as Scarlett O’Hara, to real-life hight-profile individuals, like O.J. Simpson, the author gives insight into this kind of abuse. Scott not only provides real anecdotes to educate the reader on the different signs to recognize in relationships, but she also provides valuable resources. Her book draws from the Twelve-Step program and Bible to help victim recover from this trauma with the help of the Lord.

About author: Sandra Scott is a licensed professional counselor and specialized in individual and family relationship issues. She is a conference speaker and a certified divorce mediator with expertise in pre-divorce and pre-martial counseling. Passoinate about God’s Word, Scott uses her gifts to teach the application of the Bible. She has also authored two previous books, “Starting Again…A Divorce Recovery Program” and “Charmers & Con Artists & Their Flip Side.”