Evergreen The Adventures of Pouxie, Mouxie and Chrissie by Lawrence Quammen

Evergreen is a lively story of 3 sisters, the daughters of Mama and Papa Hopkins, a family of mice. The Hopkins family lives in an old sawdust pile located behind the Hillendale Sawmill and Lumber Company in the small town of Evergreen, Georgia. Evergreen is a little south of north Georgia and a little west of east Georgia. This story follows Pouxie, Mouxie and Chrissie from birth to their early teenage years, times of excitement and adventure. Evergreen is about the magic of childhood, family, love, trust and friendship. The sisters are accompanied in their adventures by a host of great characters and are depicted in a series of excellent illustrations. The principal characters, Pouxie, Mouxie and Chrissie were created by the authors father in the mid – 1950’s for a series of stories for his children. Evergreen is the first book of a trilogy named The Adventures of Pouxie, Mouxie and Chrissie.

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