So, Who’s The Blonde?

My daughter was born in November,  I stayed home alot after we got home from the hospital. She was the most beautiful little baby in the world and I was head over heels in love with her. I always liked watching PBS television and would watch home crafting and cooking shows when I could. I remember one day I was feeding my new daughter canned formula from a playtex disposable liner bottle, while she was in her pampers. I was still in my pjs…..don’t think I combed my hair yet , for sure had not showered and turned on the tv. There I saw a blonde woman speaking so nice and calm,..could not make out her accent or where she was from. She was pretty and really looked nice and she was making doilies out of paper….I don;t know what for, but she sure made it look easy and did  a great job. After that she went out into the yard or garden and was picking up twigs and such, brought them inside and made a fabulous centerpiece for the dining room table. I could do that I thought, burping my baby doll. Now she was making chicken broth, throwing out the chicken after the broth was made and adding another chicken to make the soup….I’m thinking who is this chick?? I was obsessed. I remember always looking for the show…still not knowing who she was and whenever I would find her show by chance, I was so happy !! She was always doing something fab….made magic with felt…..what this woman could do with a glue gun….. costumes, invitations, christmas ornament and cookies , I was amazed. I struggled everyday trying to come up with a dinner, pasta with something, oh and of course a salad and I would throw in a loaf of italian bread and butter, spread it all out, fill the table. Be happy you never saw the way I gift wrapped Christmas presents…real sorry sight. As the years went by, I would always ask if anyone saw the show, while I enjoyed watching this woman and then it turned out she grew in popularity and alot of people got to know who she was. Turned out that the crazy blonde on tv was Martha Stewart, the one and only. Alot of people may not like her,and even though I never did make a centerpiece out of garden twigs … I still remember that mystery women from way back when…..I like her still.

Time of the Season

Spring Dreaming

  It has been a long winter, at least for me it has.  To be truthfull, I’ve had it with snow and scarves, gloves and don’t get me started on boots. I’m done I tell you!.  I’ve got tulips on my mind.. We have a small garden in front of the house and every year the tulips and daffodils come around..well, it’s a time for rejoicing.  It’s no different this year, I always stop and look around for the top of the buds..looking and hoping for a glimpse of some green.  Today was a lovely hopeful day…..sometime good is on the way.  Hearing the early morning call of the birds …..Makes me smile in my sleep.  Spring cleaning….new kitchen curtains……a new shower curtain….new bedspread….new sandals…new bathingsuit..not that I am bathingsuit ready or any thing but……I can’t wait!! ..Eating lunch outdoors in the fresh air , enjoying the breeze…one scoop rocky road and one scoop cherry vanilla:)  It’s getting closer everyday and somethings are so worth the wait.



Received a memo at work to announce the death of an employee and the memo stated that the ‘Homegoing’ will take place at such and such funeral home…Homegoing???  This had to have been a mistake, what was she talking about, it is a wake…then it hit me, the reference to the home is that the employee will be going home and the wake was a ‘Homegoing’ event…well, now I understood what she meant…Linda went home…this was a comforting thought and I pictured her in the home of her dreams…

Fashion and Beauty


O.K. beauty is only skin deep

…but did you know that when you sleep you get wrinkles?  Never really thought much about it, until…yes, I started to see that the side of my face(right), that I sleep on, does show more signs of aging then the side I don’t(left)…I stayed up for the 11 o’clock news (CBS) to hear what they had to say about it and low an behold, I’ve been sleeping in the wrong position…if you saw the movie, Keisha Girl, great movie by the way, you knew why she had to sleep face up.  So the recommendation is to sleep on the back of head and place a pillow under your knees so that you don’t turn over, I don’t understand how that works, but I will give it a try. Choose very soft pillow covers…best one is satin, and keep hands away from face.

Another item, that was mentioned is, if you don’t get enough sleep your face will also show signs of age…less perky looking..so try not to stay up to watch the 11 o’clock news..this reminded me of a line from the movie, Bird Cage, another good movie, where Nathan Lane says something like”When some one says your looking tired, what they are really saying is your looking old”.  Funny you always see ‘wrinkle free sheets’ signs, they should start advertising ‘wrinkle free face’ .  Just saying.


Advantage of time

Everyday when I leave work I take a short cut to get to the main road…today that short cut was cut short…no pun intended…here is what happened. I drove out of the parking garage and made my usual turn into the municipal parking field. As I turned in another car was exiting…this is not the first time I have encountered a car exiting, however, this was the first time I was challenged.
The driver of the car exiting refused to let me pass, she blocked me and motioned that I need to go around the other way. She became the municipal police, and I became the villain…of course, I instinctively became defiant and motioned that she should move around not me…oh boy, what a mistake that was…she shook her head and did not move…I shook my head and did not move…engines where turned off…the stand off began…as the minutes passed on I realized what the heck am I doing…I have to get home, I have no time for this…so I started the car and as I drove away I honked and gave her a not so nice finger…she won…so she thought…I realized that I had a home to rush to…she acted like she could stay there all day…thus the advantage of time…which she had.