Easter Sunday

Easter is a time to rejoice and to be thankful for the people in your life and this year we are grateful to be together again. We made it through another winter and we welcome Spring and especially Easter. He Is Risen.

I was so happy that mostly everyone was able to come. My mom was very happy to get a surprise visit from friends Mary and Johnny. We wanted them to say and join us but they were on their way for a walk in the park as it was a beautiful day. My niece Sandra and Robbie went to his aunts’ house this year and we did miss them so. The kids kept asking for them. Miss Emma was with her dad and grandma today. We missed her too.

But as God works, He sent us Andrews’ (he stayed home with a back ache and was also missed) sweet girlfriend Danielle and her darling 3 year old daughter Angel to join us. All the kids got along and played card tricks entertaining us. They did get loud but I love the sound of children it is a good noise.

Love our children who grew up to be amazing people and we were so happy that everyone of them was able to be here with us this Easter. Danielle and Peter tried the Maltese rabbit stew and they liked it!!! Dana is expecting a baby girl in July, we await her arrival with joy. Love makes a family.

We love Spring and Easter, it reminds us how beautiful change can be. Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter Happy Spring.