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Getting Gorgeous with Degree – Simply Orange

We were lucky enough to be at the next table to Simply Orange at the Getting Gorgeous with Degree event. It felt like we were in a orange grove……orange trees and crates of oranges all around. So sunny, so simple, so good. We enjoyed a lovely mimosa…what a treat!! The nice people from Simply Orange kept us hydrated with the goodness of their juice all afternoon.
It’s all about taking small, simple steps to become the individual person you are meant to be.
Simple changes to a better you.

Thank you Simply Orange!


I love New York

My dad was recently in the hospital for knee surgery, this is the 4th time he has had his knees done. I had to pick him up from the hospital. Mind you the hospital was in Manhattan, upper 70’s.  I  don’t need to explain the chaos Manhattan is in on any given day, let alone a Friday afternoon.

The plan was that I would call my dad as soon as I arrived in the city, once he received my call he would just tell the nurse to take him down and I would be waiting out front.  Sounds  simple.  NOT!  Here is where it got hairy.  Daddy was not ready. The doctor still had not released him.  So I had to drive around Manhattan until he was officially released.

Here the adventure began.

Around and around I drove.  Passing  between parked cars, trucks, and people.  Did you know the Manhattanites have no rules when it comes to red, or green lights.  Why is it they have cameras taking picture of cars running lights, and people are allowed to run lights, whenever they want.

What happened to Jaywalking? 

I remember the commercial about not walking in the middle of block and waiting for the light to turn green, etc.  Guess that is one collecting dust in some archive.

Are Manhattanites  color blind? Or are they playing that old game, with a slight twist,  red light, green light, one, two,  RUN!.

Construction sites blocking half of second avenue, delivery trucks stopping, suddenly, on the side of the curb.   Don’t they have rear view mirrors?  Who really cares about the cars behind them? Did you ever try to merge into the next lane in Manhattan. A Lane! What lane? While cars try to merge into this imaginary lane,  people just continue to blindly walk in front of you, and give you the look.  I know that look, it is the same look I give when I am the pedestrian.

No matter what, I love New York City.  I just don’t love driving in it.


product review

Getting Gorgeous with Degree-Lilly Pulitzer

Nothing says “I am woman” more than a dress.

Lilly Pulitzer’s spring 2011 catalog says just that. Lilly’s dresses are classy, stylish, and in my book never go out of style.

I was delighted to see such flowery dresses. Every dress seemed to say,” I am pretty and would be even more pretty if you wear me”.


You could  wear these dresses to work, beach, or just strolling down an avenue.  Dress them up ( no pun intended) with accessories.
Dress them down with a pair of flip flops, FlipOuts Sandals would work.

Lilly’s children’s dresses are the sweetest.  I could see my granddaughter frolicing in one.

Go on line and see her selection in the spring 2011 catalog. If you are like me you will want more than one.


Lilly Pulitzer dresses are a prize.Lilly Pulitzer