Beautiful Beasts 1.26.19 #BreastCancer #Crossfit #Team

“Ma, why don’t you do the Beautiful Beasts event with me?” That was the question my daughter asked me back in December. I must have been in a daughter pleasing mood because I said, “Yes.” I knew it was for a good cause, breast cancer, and since I am a breast cancer survivor I committed to the event. Of course, I did not have any idea what this commitment would entail.

I had to train for it and then had to spend the day in competition mode. Boy, did I want to run away from this commitment but I made the commitment and just focused on one thought, this too shall pass!

Our training began weeks before the event. Then it was time! Ready or not, Laura, Mimi (teammates) and I were ready. We did have a team name… wait for it… “Master Cougars”- GROWL!

It’s here and Cross Fit Sanctuary was prepared. It was at this moment that I know there was no going back.

We were ready.  Bring it on.       

Beautiful Beast brought out the beauty and the beastly.  It was wonderful that we were able to show our strength, and at the same time show off our beauty.   

We worked hard that day. We dug deep to get through each WOD. We gave each other total support. We cheered each other on. We knew this was for a good cause and nothing was going to make us falter.

Laura, Mimi and I…WE DID IT! 3 WOD’s and standing stronger than when we started. However, when our coach, Bernie, walked over and handed us roses I knew we were true warriors, and this was not about getting to be in first place, but about knowing that you can do more than you think you can.

We are beautiful! We are strong! We have blessings that have been bestowed on us from our Creator! Together, in full combative mode WE CAN bench press cancer into oblivion.