Halleluja! He is Risen #HappyEaster #Joy #Sinsareforgiven #Eternallife #Salvation #ResurrectionSunday

One day a stone rolled away and an angel announces “He is Risen.” This announcement sent ripples throughout the whole world. This announcement gave us hope, sin was defeated, death no longer yielded its ugly sting!

This occurred over 2,000 years ago, when one man called Jesus transformed the world. Jesus’ message was not easily accepted. He had no first amendment rights to protect him. He knew his message was making waves and he was being monitored by the powers that be. Israel gave him no protection, against the enemies from within. However, there was no stopping this Jesus of Nazareth, as he went from village, to village spreading his message of Hope, Love, Forgiveness and most of all Salvation.

After only three years, Jesus’ time on this planet came to an abrupt end!

Or did it? As Christian’s we know how the story ends.

We know that Good Friday brought death but Resurrection (Easter) Sunday brought LIFE. Jesus Christ made the ultimate announcement on that miraculous Sunday…LIFE cannot be buried.

I know that life cannot be buried because I see it every spring, as life burst forth from the earth announcing it’s victory from the dead winter months.

Right now it appears that their is no hope, all is doom and gloom. Today, Resurrection Sunday we need to remind ourselves that Life is possible. Jesus Christ offers this to all!

Let’s not keep our eyes on the Good Fridays that happen to everyone of us. Let us remember that with Jesus our Good Fridays are followed by Easter Sunday!

Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life…” John 14:6

Life a gift given to those who wish to receive.