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Biz Stain Fighter

BIZ Stain & Odor proven to beat leading brands on tough stains like sweat, grass, and food grease!

  • Cleans up to 80% BETTER than detergent alone
  • MORE STAIN FIGHTERS than other brands
  • Fights tough stains BETTER THAN LEADING BRANDS guaranteed!
  • Contains a UNIQUE blend of enzymes which quickly dissolves stains and odors
  • Made with BIODEGRADABLE surfactants

BIZ Liquid Stain Fighter works out tough stains such as: makeup, coffee, grass, sweat and food grease. Easy to apply and safe for colors.

BIZ Powder use to pre-soak item to allow enzyme activity for the longest period of time.

BIZ Liquid Boosters: dissolves quickly in water and doesn’t leave powdery residue.

table to identify stains and removers

BIZ a multipurpose cleaner, use it in the kitchen, bathroom, tiles, outdoor furniture. Biz has more stain fighters than other brands. That’s why it works better. Use BIZ to clean up stains, messes, and odors on hard surfaces around the house.

Spring, a time of outdoor fun and BIZ Stain & Odor Eliminator will keep outdoor fun less staining.

BIZ cleans up to 80% better than detergent alone!
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