Parenting The New Teen In The Age of Anxiety by Dr. John Duffy

Parenting The New Teen In The Age Of Anxiety by Dr. John Duffy is everything you need to know to raise happy, healthy, stress-Free Teens.

Starting as early as eight years old, children are exposed to information, thoughts, and emotions that they are developmentally unprepared to process. Your typical teen parenting tactic for thirteen-year old is now years too late.

Readers of Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety will:

  • Sort through the overwhelming circumstances of today’s teens and better understand the changing landscape of adolescence
  • Come away with a revised, conscious parenting plan more suited to addressing the current needs of the New Teen
  • Discover the joy in parenting again by reclaiming the role of your teen’s ally, guide, and consultant

About Author: Dr. Duffy, a nationally recognized expert in parenting for nearly twenty-five years, offers breakthrough advice for parents raising children who are growing up quickly and as a result, are dealing with unreached adolescent issues that can lead to anxiety and depression. Because of the exposure they deal with, kids are emotionally overwhelmed at a young age and are often continuing to search for a sense of self well into their twenties. However Dr. Duffy, also expresses the good that comes with these challenges, such as the sense of justice instilled in teenage starting at a young age. If you wondering what your kid is doing up in they room all day, this book is for you.