Cape May – End of Summer

Here we are the end of summer 🙁 Funny, even with the Covid pandemic summer still did its disappearing act. However this year we ended our summer on a different note, like let’s go to the shore note. So off we went to Cape May, New Jersey. I have never been to Cape May, but I did hear lots of good things about CM.

We stayed at the Icona, Cape May. I was impressed with the room but attracted to the bed. Those pillows! Do I have to say more.

We did lunch at the Sandbar Avalon.

Of course Cape May is known for its beaches. Friends who beach together are more than likely to do stay together.

The clouds did come in during our three night stay but we did not let them bother us. Off we went to see the light house.

A sunset at the beach! Not a very clear night but still a glorious sky.

One thing I noticed, I am always the shortest one in the selfie group.

When evening enters Cape May lights up with docked boats and the fresh smell of sea.

Now as fall begins we can know that we ended our summer with friends and the shore.