Traveling From Miss To Mrs – A Bridal Shower

In these uncertain days of Covid, one thing was clear, we would all gather and surround Jessica with love, joy and best wishes for her upcoming wedding with the adorable Chris. The Bridal Shower will go on!!

We are all excited for the day ahead – a wedding!! We grew up together and our moms have been friends forever. Smiles all around. Darling Jessica we are all here for you and hoping all your dreams come true.

Proud Groovin’ Mom Nina did a fabulous job of getting this Shower Day come to be. From little girl to beautiful bride.

As the days ahead lead to the new chapter for you, may each day be renewal love for each other.

It is disappointing that the wedding celebration had to be moved to next year, please know that we are thinking of you and wish you a happy marriage full of endless love. And for sure we will be there next year to dance and rejoice two very special people. Congratulations.

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