Mr. Sunnyside:Imagination by CK Gregory

Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination, a charming children’s tale from CK Gregory, Illustrated by Stephanie Richell, that shows youngsters the limitless power of their own imaginations. An “eggstraordinary” character named Mr. Sunnyside comes to Tommy’s rescue and saves him from boredom by taking Tommy on one adventure after another. Tommy is the only person who can see Mr. Sunnyside, and he’s the only one who needs to, in this charming story that gives new meaning to the power of an active imagination. Written for ages 5 to 10, Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination introduces young readers to Tommy, a boy stuck at home on a rainy day. There is nothing to do; his mother is busy making breakfast; and Tommy has grown bored with his toys. What will he do to entertain himself?

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