GOD’S ME, MYSELF, AND I: The Truth and Ultimate Truth about the Trinity Conspiracy Book 1- By God’s Sheepdog (Roland G. Williams)

God’s Me, Myself and I,  Is Jesus a man or a god? Did God create us? Is it true that we evolved? These uncertainties, among many others, plagued a young Roland G. Williams. When it came to spirituality, he had more questions than answers — a common denominator among those struggling with crises of faith.

“Walking through each crisis — while purposefully maintaining our faith — is the key to emerging from the crisis with our faith still vibrant and alive,” Williams said. ” God’s Me, Myself and I, offers the key components to maintain one’s faith when going through crises.” The arguments presented in the book are backed up with sufficient and relevant scriptures. The comparative analysis of scriptures from different versions of the Bible will also aid every believer to consider using more than version when studying the Bible.

In this book the author presents:

• Some of his own crises of faith.
• The prevalent theme of faith in the One God, from Genesis to Revelation.
• Scientific proof that God created prehistoric man, albeit not “in the likeness or image of God.” 
• Compelling biblical reasons why keeping one’s faith is so difficult — yet so imperative.
• Compelling proof of the many major differences between God’s Spirit
Produced Son and God’s Begotten Son.
• That God is male and female, as referenced multiple times throughout scripture.
• That many bibles have changed and/or omitted God’s Word.
• How to genuinely increase one’s faith … for life.

God’s Me, Myself, and I will appeal most to those who are seeking to understand more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.