Facebook Portal ~ A Fun Way To Stay Connected

My daughter and niece both live on Long Island about 35 – 50 miles away. We did the face time thing and it was good, but now with Facebook Portal it is fabulous!! How easy is Portal to set up, well let me tell you I did it all by myself!!! Easy Peasy. 

The best part about Portal is it follows you as you walk around. Making sure you always stay in frame.  You can take Portal with you when you travel and stay connected with family. Win Win!!  

We had fun playing with the filters and I loved hearing my granddaughter reading the Three Little Pigs.  And you can connect with more than one person at a time. Smart Phone, web browser, games and more!!!

Portal is  not only  for making video calls. The Facebook Portal with Alexa can access Spotify and iHeart radio too. So I get to listen to some groovy music while I work or stream my Facebook photos.

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