It’s A Christmas Work Out @CrossFitSanctuary #Kettlebell #Boxjump #Crossfitsanctuary #Beawesomecfs

CrossFit Sanctuary brought a workout wonder to Christmas this year.  How much fun it is to do jumping jacks, kettle bell swings, box jumps, and jump rope,  with the grandchildren.

At first they were not impressed.  The gym just wasn’t what they expected.
But with some explaining and a WOD (workout of day) preview, they began to see  CrossFit Sanctuary was not your average gym.
In a few minutes they began to understand, and experience, what a WOD at CrossFit Sancturary was like.   Yes, Sophie and Christian this is not your ordinary school gym.
Watching Sophie box jump made me so proud of her.  She handled that box like a crossfit pro.   Although, I did pray she wouldn’t lose her stepping for it can be nasty if you hit the box with your shins.    However, no fear did she display, as she just leaped up, like a reindeer, and landed in perfect squat form.
Christian took to doing jumping jacks  and kettlebell swings
His box jumping was made easier for his age.  
Their WOD completed and more energy did they have, so on to the bikes with friend in hand. 
On Sophie, On Christian, On ….   
Here is the reindeer that keeps all the other reindeer’s  fit and trim.   
Coach Bernie showed the children that exercising can, and is, a holiday delight.    
Of course, Santa stopped by but no work out he did.  
Mustn’t forget the elf we call Steve.  Now he showed us all the best gift we could receive.
Merry Christmas To All and To All a CrossFit day or night!