Brunch and Broadway #TannerSmiths #KingKong

This has become a family tradition, one that we all have come to enjoy and love. Brunch and Broadway for Christmas. My daughter selected the show King Kong on Broadway and my son in law chose Tanner Smiths for brunch before the show. 

Each was the perfect pick/ There was something for everyone at brunch. Refreshing cocktails, BLTs,  burgers, eggs and dreamy mac and cheese. 

It was such a beautiful Sunday that we strolled to the theatre after our meal.  We did not know what to expect at King Kong on Broadway.

My sister and daughter loved all the songs but I could not take my eyes off of Kong. He was the hero. He again paid the price for  the greed and we were all in tears.  Be ready to be entertained. Yes, the story is the same but this is so different and new. 

We all knew the story and we all wondered how was Kong going to happen.  It was amazing, King Kong came to life, the music was so new, so techno and the lights!!  Kong took us down the streets of New York City and up the Empire State Building like the King he is. King Kong on Broadway is a great, entertaining  spectacular. You have to see it to believe it!