Photo Friday – Christmas Time #Macy’s #SantaLand #HeraldSquare


It’s  the most wonderful time of year.”  Except, the traveling to Manhattan to visit Santaland at Macy’s Herald Square on 34th Street.

However, it has been a tradition, going back to my children’s days of believing in Santa Clause, however then I was much younger.   I do want to keep this tradition going as long as my grandchildren still “Believe” in the white bearded man called, Santa Clause.  I  was worried about my grownup granddaughter, who is growing up so fast, I think by next year she will be coming just because her brother still believes.  Nothing wrong with that.

The one thing I do absolutely know is that if Christmas isn’t in you heart, cause it comes so fast, spend a day at Macy’s in Herald Square and I can guarantee, the magic of Christmas will begin to bloom.



















The magic of Christmas is as real as can be,

For on this night we got to see,

a long lost member of the family,

Our Christmas night was more than complete,

‘Till next year, my family, God willing it  be.