Pluggerz by COMFOOR #earplugs

No need to let the noise of others destroy your inner peace. Instead of using headphones to disengage, use ear plugs that will allow you to be partially engaged without ignoring your surroundings. Ear plugs have been the tool used when headphones are also creating a distraction. Headphones are hazardous as they drown out noise completely, are prone to falling out and more importantly, can hurt your hearing by pushing wax in and blocking your ears natural flow. Great for travel, sleep or work too.

Your ears are going to love  Pluggerz  As a revolutionary gadget made to enhance and filter the sound around you – not block it, Pluggerz is made of medical-grade silicone, the comfy situation-specific earplugs to reduce volume without losing clarity of experience and overall health. It’s a tiny gadget with might power allowing you to enjoy a more subdued, quieter environment without losing situational awareness. Unlike bacteria-attracting foam plugs, Pluggerz are clean enough to be reused many times, plus smoother and comfortable enough for extended sessions. Happiness is peace and quiet.