The Glimmers Save Christmas! Written by Robert Agnello #Bookworm

The Glimmers Save Christmas!  Is a book about  Jing Els, a Glimmer of hope & Hollee, a Glimmer of faith.  Jing Els and Hollee need to save Christmas.  For it was a terrible year and the world was less hopeful, less faithful, and less good.    And this despair was felt all the way to the North Pole.  As all the elf’s darken, Roger, is the only elf that is kept glowing bright, with the help of Jing Els, and Hollee.  
It takes a glimmer of hope, and faith, to keep Christmas from dimming out.
The Glimmers Save Christmas, teaches children the value and importance of Hope and Faith.  The book is designed for children to read along with a parent, family member, teacher or mentor.  Glimmers are little beings of light that make everything glow. 
There are Glimmers of Truth, Glimmers of Respect, Glimmers of Tolerance, Glimmers of Love and so many more.  

The Glimmers book series tells engaging and entertaining stories that help children learn values, build personal character traits and establish a social consciousness.  The Glimmer stories offer a way to guide and teach children about building self-dignity and treating other with dignity.
See, if you are good. and make right choices, you too will glow with Glimmer light and keep Christmas shining bright.