CocoChew for a Happy Dog and Healthy Teeth

Did you brush your dogs’ teeth today? Coco Chew’s new line of ball toys made using all natural coconut husk is yet another way for pet owners to maintain quality dental health for their dogs through play versus inconvenience.  Say hello to Tucker the newest member of the family.  This new little pup is everything to us and he loves to play and now we can keep his teeth clean while we play.

CocoChew currently offers two different product designs that come in small and large sizes. The CocoChew Classic  and CocoChew Junior  resemble traditional rope toys for tug o’war. However, the durable coconut husk does not get soggy like your typical rope toy. In fact, coconut husk is salt water resistant, making it an ideal beach/lake toy! The CocoBall Large  and Small  are tightly wound and extremely durable. They are made entirely from 100% chemical free, sustainably sourced coconut husk! No rubber or plastic core needed!

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