Pantry ~ A Modern Diner #Groovineats #TastyTuesday

Believe it or not we live across the street from each other. We wave hello and goodbye busy, busy, always in a hurry.  We promised all summer long to go out to eat and finally it happened. The Pantry was having a Comedy Night with dinner and we all agreed that this sounded like fun.

Dinner was served before the show and we drank, ate and  enjoyed each others’ company. Our children grew up together and so we reminisced about the days gone by and we were equally amazed at how fast it had all gone by. Red wine helped and so did the delicious Guacamole and salad.

All the food is organic  and oh so fresh. Wild Scottish Salmon,Prime Rib of Beef and Steakhouse Burger were the ladies’ choices.   We agreed to share the Nutella cake because we all have a sweet tooth or two 🙂

Erica and her husband Tommy own the Pantry, are dedicated young couple,  working hard along with their staff  to serving the best food  and making all feel welcomed and at home. She and her sister Peggy grew up with my daughter Vera, who was out of town this night and could not join us. We are planning another visit to the Pantry after the Holidays.

The Comedy Show followed the dinner and  let me say that we all need to spend a night laughing loudly and eating too much with good friends!!!